Happy Christmas :)

Ever since my brothers and I became adults, our family never prepared much during Christmas Eve. Sometimes, it's because we don't have the luxury of time and energy to cook or even just buy something special. But most of the time, the reason was that we were rarely complete.

But this year, we just got the greatest news--- my brother Noel,who usually works during holidays, and my brother Albert who stays in a seminary in Baguio, would both be home for Christmas and New Year.

So even if we only had a simple Noche Buena and only had few gifts, the anticipation of being complete was more than enough to keep us smiling 'til January.

This was only part of the gifts and our Noche Buena, don't worry. :) 
And to cap off the night, we had a drinking session as a family. Mama had one glass of Black Label with Coke, I had two, while my brother finished everything that was left. 

By about 5 am in the morning on Christmas Day, Kuya Albert was already home. We woke up early to go to mass, went back home to welcome relatives and friends who came to visit us and then, we got ready for our Christmas dinner. 

Most of the restaurants were closed but luckily, Mesa, the modern Filipino-themed restaurant, was open! 

We had 7 different dishes, mostly seafood, rice and different drinks. It was such a sumptuous dinner that I didn't feel guilty that I ate too much! By the end of the night, we felt so warm, fuzzy and happy because we were so full. 

Hence, these crazy wacky photos. 

I am very thankful to God for letting me be a part of a family that fills my heart with so much joy and contentment. I am just amazed as to how they make a weekend seem like a long, crazy vacation. 

I love my family so much and I wouldn't ask for more. They're the best Christmas gift I have ever received. 

So I'd like to share the love I'm feeling right now. 
Merry, merry Christmas from our family to yours! 

December 12, 2011

           I spent my Sunday evening with Steve Morgan and hot cup of white chocolate dream latte. I tried so hard to be busy I didn't notice that by one in the morning, they were already closing the coffee shop. 

It's December 12. Everyone already packed their bags and left.The barista was already bringing the cups 
downstairs. The lights were dim and all I can hear was the janitor whistling a tune. 

I went down and stood in front of the door. I stared at the dark road and drowned myself in its silence. 

Half of me was happy to be out alone in a place we never knew together; my other half still wished you were here.

Planner for a Cause

     I finally got my 2012 Starbucks Planner yesterday at 8: 52 pm before I watched Happy Feet 2 with my brother and sister. I'm very grateful to Kuya Noel and Sir Josh for helping me get this. 

Some people may say that this planner's overrated and it's others people way to show that they are rich enough to buy 17 coffees worth 100 bucks or more each. But for me, it's been a wise decision getting this planner every year. Because aside from the fact that I just have to enjoy drinking my coffee to get this planner, I also get to help SparkHope, a charity that enriches children's live. 

So, kudos to Starbucks for helping other people for years and for making coffee lovers like me very happy.