It was two in the morning and you sat in front of me, holding my hand. The moon was weirdly larger and it was staring at us, its glow shining on your eyes that were focused on me. I broke the silence.

"Many years from now, even if we grow apart and live separate lives, in the end I know it would still be you. It would still be us."

You held my hand tighter, gripping it with your emotions. You spoke as if you'd cry.

"I would be the luckiest man if that would still happen."

I smiled at you. But you weren't done.

"But if you end up with another man, you'd invite me to your wedding, right?"

I tried to answer but you pulled me into you within a second, holding me as if you won't even let go, pressing my body against yours.

I couldn't breathe but I didn't mind. I closed my eyes instead as I listened to you cry like a kid while I stifled my tears.

 I wish you let me speak then. I wish you knew it would always be you.