Thank God

I just can't thank Him enough that when my heart's in good condition or when it's so badly bruised, He doesn't let really let me down and leave me in misery.

Just this Thursday, I just couldn't contain my emotions that I bursted out and cried so loud while talking to this particular person on the phone.

After all the trust issues, the fights and dad having his operation on that day without me beside him, my heart just exploded and all I could do is cry. I ended things with him, without even thinking if I'll be okay or if I could still go on without him.

I cried and cried for days, thinking if I well deserved all this pain but really, God just couldn't leave me in tears so he made me feel in different ways that I deserved to be happy.

That heartbreaking day, my workmates asked me to go out with them, both during lunch and after work,  because one of them was celebrating her birthday. They didn't know how much they've made me feel better without them knowing what I was going through.

A day after that, I got my contract from GMA7 and that day, I was finally a regular talent of one of the best news and public affairs company.When I got home, I got lovely hugs from my family with a bonus of a pizza and ice cream party just in time for Kuya Albert's farewell.

And just yesterday, Dharel came by our house to talk to me, pester me and cheer me up even though he didn't intend to. LOL. Then we went to SM Megamall to eat at Amici and watch Here Comes the Bride with Candice. Sam even met up with us and my day of course seemed brighter.

God didn't still feel contented that I was happy enough so he let me enjoy a night of craziness and laughter with 12 of my highschool friends. My heart just help but smile seeing them again and enjoying their company.

After this rollercoaster ride, I just realized that really, no matter what shit you've been through and how cliche it may seem, God, your family and friends will always be there.

Now I know, that no matter what happens to me, I have lots of reasons to still be happy.

And just like what they say, when a door closes, another window opens.

So I'm just gonna stay and peek through it and still see how wonderful life is.


This will be my permanent blog from now on, and I will regularly post here. Put a link of this if you also have a blog. Thank you.