For THE Michael Josh Villanueva

Last Friday night, as you tried to put a red wig on my head, I fought the urge to cry. 

I suddenly remembered that April morning, I was at work and someone from the desk section told me I got a phone call. Clueless, I took the phone and it was you on the other line. You knew I had a fight with my dad and you told me to go upstairs to your office and tell you what happened. 

I told you I still had scripts to write so you went down to the newsroom to see me. That time, I didn't need tissues, you being there for me, and letting me cry while hugging you was more than enough. 

I never got to tell you how much I appreciate what you did, and how thankful I am for everything you've done for me, so here I am, being a coward and writing it all down instead of talking to you personally. 

You may not be my boss but I want you to know that I really look up to you. 

I admire how you work, how you love the people around you, how you stay strong despite of all the dilemmas you have. I admire how you love Team Awesome like they're your own kids. You are the best boss I've known. 

I admire how you love your friends like family, how you'd come to the newsroom, see a friend then hug them right there and then. 

And I am thankful that even if you've only met me for a year, you've treated me like I'm your good, old friend. You've been like a brother to me. 

You are such a great person that's why I don't get it why some people treat you so badly. 

But I just want you to know that you don't have mind them anymore. They don't deserve any of your time or emotion. They're like dark clouds but you're like the sun, and you'll always shine no matter what happens.

For the next few days, it would really be hard not seeing you and hearing you talk or laugh but I'll just always smile at the thought that you finally got that fresh new start that you so deserve.

I'll always be here for you, Sir Josh, whenever and if ever you'll need me.

I am very grateful that I met you in this lifetime. I'm sure I'll never meet another you or even someone like you.

You're incomparable and irreplaceable.

Thank for everything and cheers for more moments together!

You truly deserve all the happiness and love in the world.

The ever innocent Apple

Steve Morgan

Saved up for him for 1 year and 7 months. 
And finally, I got him last October 25, 2011. 
Around 6 in the evening at Digital Hub, Vira Mall, Greenhills. 
Thank you sir Charlie and sir Josh for helping me get my baby. 

Now, I'd like you all to meet Steve Morgan. 
And we've been falling in love with each other everyday. 

P.S. Alex, you'll always be loved and remembered.