Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

     In life, we sometimes go through times when we immediately want things that needs time to be achieved or things that need some saving up on, making us fail to realize that sometimes the littlest things are what matters. Just now, I'm glad to finally wake up and stop wishing on the grandest things in life for now but just really, finally appreciate the simplest yet greatest things that happen to me everyday no matter how shitty life is. 

Yes, of course this wasn't a perfect month, it was actually the slowest one I've had but wonderful things happened to me.

After 4 months of missing UST and weeks of missing my friends, I finally got the chance to go back to thee Alma mater with them and even have ice cream and karaoke afterwards. Can't explain how happy I was that day! 

I finally got my copy of "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer!
My friends have been teasing me when I told them the book's title has sexual innuendo. LOL.
Thank you Fully Booked Gateway for this! I've been looking for it all my life! 

I have this pair of slippers I've kept for almost 3 years since it was a debut gift from two of my 18 roses.
Yes, it was expensive but what mattered to me most is that it's so comfortable and it came from them.
Just this Sunday, I accidentally dropped them somewhere since I changed footwear in the car.
I was so sad and Papa felt so sorry for me.
The next day, Papa got me these pink slippers.
I know they may not be that expensive or comfortable, but what's important is that it came from the numbah one man in my life. I love you Poppa! Yer the best!

In other news, NEWS ANCHOR NA AKO!LOL.
 I just chose this photo so express how TGIF-y I felt yesterday since I was given the chance to write the take one script for our news program, News on Q! 
Pareng Doy even said "Ikaw ung kauna-unahang news writer sa batch na napili para magsulat ng buong AV script ng Take One sa isang news program! High five man!" 
And really, I was smiling the whole night!
Yes, the script may have been edited but I'm still thankful for the privilege and the trust. 

Okay this blog is too long! I hope you also had a great month!
Let's hope for greater ones to come!

Money Car Cat

So I went to work in this condition: 

That made me look like this moving figurine ( except that in this photo, its paw is not moving) 

But I had no choice since my wrist was broken and I had it massaged yesterday by Aling Auring as she told me that it should be wrapped with a bandage and stayed dry until Tuesday.

As I entered the Newsroom doors, everyone kept on asking what happened to my arm and I keep on telling them over and over the truth.

But still, a few stubborn yet funny officemates kept on speculating stories as to what happened:
Ate Catha: Nako, nag-away ba kayo ng ex mo, sinapak mo siya kaya ka napilay no? 

A boss from the Video editing room: Boxingera ka na pala ngayon? 

Another boss from the same room: Sinong inaway mo kagabi? Tsk grabe ka kababae mong tao.

Doy: EMO. *evil laugh* 


And one officemate even said: Anong nangyari sa kamay mo? (Me telling him the truth) Tara, baliin din natin ung isa para pantay! 

Sooooo....there. I spent the whole day answering their questions and trying to write quietly praying that other people would just not notice it. 

I'm just thankful that I only had it wrapped for one day, and tomorrow I will be a normal person again :)