Full Circle

My life has been full of extreme ups and downs lately.

For weeks I've been to Batangas with work friends, Boracay with my best college friends, then a 5-day break with my family in Puerto Princesa. It was a ride of happiness, even if my body felt tired my soul was on a high! I was so inspired to work and to spread the love. I was so inspired to live.

Then in just one weekend, almost all of that goes down the drain. My eldest brother went back to his seminary in Baguio while my elder brother was rushed to the hospital for the first time because his lungs were infected. My parents are feeling down lately because of all this, too.

I didn't know what to do, who to talk to, where, how or from whom to get strength.

But tonight I went to church, I looked up and prayed to Him.

I thanked him for all the blessings and challenges he has bestowed on me, and I asked for strength for the coming days, weeks or years.

This life is full of uncertainties and surprises, but I know He is the only Truth in my life.