Let's just say I'm near the middle if this dark road, and yet I can see the end of it, it's sunny on that side and I can clearly see it's a dead end. And I still keep on walking towards it.

Tanga 'di ba? Bakit nga ba ako nananatili, alam ko namang walang patutunguhan to.

This isn't about love dahil wala pa'ko sa puntong 'yon, alam ko 'yon sa sarili ko.
But probably, this is something about wanting this to turn into love.

Pwedeng love between the two of us, or probably more of wanting him to learn to love again, kahit hindi na lang para sa'kin.

Again, katangahan na dapat ikagalit ng mga kaibigan. Kaya ko rin hindi masyadong nakakausap mga kaibigan ko talaga, lalo na yung mga alam kong magagalit sa'kin.

I told a friend that I want to be a way to heal his wounds, or  fight whatever's feeding his demons. But my friend told me that I would be hurting myself in the process.

Hindi naman n'ya to hinihiling, I don't even know if this is really what his problem is. Mukhang hindi naman niya ako kailangan. And maybe he's just not that into me.

He always tells me he appreciates me and what I do. I'm pretty tired of just being appreciated.

Maybe it's time to listen to friends and family, listen to these people who care for me, who really know what and who's good for me.

It's time to stop this stupidity. I've made my point that I really want him and I care for him. Maybe it's his turn now.

I gotta go my way.