Not just a little unwell

I'm sorry if I haven't blogged for weeks, or maybe even months already. I was so busy with dry runs for the new GMA News TV shows that I'm part of then I became more busy these past two weeks as I stay in the office for like 15 hours everyday.

And because of that, I think all the stress,fatigue and long working hours had finally taken its toll on me.

Warning: If you're eating at this very moment, you'd have to stop reading or else you'd be sick like me. 

This Friday, as Japan faced series of quakes and tsunami, I had my perioid, I had fever and was getting chills and I couldn't eat well. All I had that day was a bowl of champorado and green peppermint tea. We had to extend our time for one show so I didn't have any choice but to work for 16 hours. After that, we went out to shake the stress away. While they were drinking and eating, I had to vomit and poop even if I didn't eat or drink anything. They already told me to go home so I did.

I just slept the pain off and when I woke up, I took a bath and ate, since mama told me maybe I was just hungry that's why I feel sick. Luckily I really felt better and decided that I can already go out with my friends Annie and Elle.

We ate out at Flaming Wings...and I vomited again in the comfort room. MAYGAD. I wasted the wicked oreos, buffalo wings and chicken tenders that I ate, what is wrong with meeeee. I brushed my teeth, cleaned up and proceeded to play Rockband still Katipunan.

We went home around 11 p.m. and I ate some oatmeal cookies with milk to fill in my stomach. And after a few minutes, I vomited again. When I was cleaned up and brushed my teeth, I spat and there's blood.

And this morning, I woke up feeling very hungry so I ate laing and rice, then I pooped twice. I don't know what's happening to me. I knew it, I'm dying at a young age. LOLJK. But no matter how much I love hospitals, when I'm the one who's sick, I don't want to being checked up.

I'm really tired, I feel so weak and I don't know how I'd function for the rest of the week.

God, help me.