Day 7- Aquarius

Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality 

I actually really don't care about the said changes on our zodiac signs so I'm still sticking to my original zodiac, Aquarius which I think most traits fit my personality.

Aquarian traits according to Astrology Online:

  • friendly
  • humanitarian 
  • honest loyal 
  • original 
  • inventive
  • independent 
  • intellectual
  • intractable 
  • contrary
  • perverse
  • unpredictable
  • unemotional 
  • detached 
I think I possess all traits expect being unemotional and detached. 

Aquarians like:
  • Fighting for causes 
  • Dreaming and planning for the future 
  • Thinking about the past 
  • Good companions
  • Having fun
Aquarians dislike: 
  • Full of air promises
  • Excessive loneliness
  • The Ordinary 
  • Imitations
  • Idealistic 
I agree to everything except hating idealism. 

Day 6- 30 things

Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. 

I have a feeling that this will be hard but I'll try. Lezdothis!

  1. I tried to pee while standing up at the age of 4. And I did that beside my brothers while both of them were also peeing on the wall. I was upset because my urine didn't move upward like theirs. LOL 
  2. I like the word cliche, I don't know why, I just like it. 
  3. As my friends say, I've cried during all the movies we've watched, of course not during comedy and chick flick ones, I'm not that retarded. 
  4. I hate mayonnaise-It's taste, texture, ugh everything about it. 
  5. I don't always clean my room but when I do, I spend half of the day doing it.
  6. I swear too much when I see a flying cockroach. 
  7. If I have to eat just one thing for the rest of my life, that would be pizza. 
  8. My nickname is Apple because when I was still a baby, my cousins called me An-an like the skin disease because I had white complexion. So my mom decided to name me after one of her favorites which was closest to my real name when she was still conceiving me, instead of Snickers, or Dunkin Donut or worse...Sharon Cuneta. 
  9. I want fraternal twins as my children. 
  10. I really, really like men who read books. 
  11. Then I hate guys who are too buff they look like walking bakeries because of too much pandesal on their body. LOL 
  12. I love the smell of hospitals. It calms me. 
  13. I'd like to have a monochromatic house when I get to have my own family. 
  14. Any bookstore is my second home. 
  15. I really feel so lucky that I am so blessed with such a good family and good friends.
  16. I'm addicted to bags. When I usually go with my mom to the mall, she would not let me pass by bag stores because I'd surely make her buy one for me. 
  17. My family and I ate at the Manila Hotel after my college graduation just for me to get to eat Baked Alaska again. Because back in senior prom, I just had a bite of that dessert when suddenly, I was called up the stage to get an award and when I came back to our table, the delicious Baked Alaska's gone. If only I knew the waiter who took it, I'll kill him. Kidding. 
  18. My deceased laptop is named Alex, my camera's name is Andy. I like unisex names.
  19. My highschool friends and I swore that if we'd get to have daughters, their second name would be Chrisannielle, the name of our barkada. 
  20.  I'd really want to get married to Jason Mraz. I worship him for his great music. 
  21. I want to chew on tupig right now. It's my usual craving. 
  22. I love Italian restaurants.
  23. Before I die, I'd have to see the Eiffel tower.
  24. I grew up watching Jackie Chan movies so I'd really want to meet him. 
  25. I want to be a broadcast journalist, and I'd do everything to achieve that dream. 
  26. I want someone to take a picture of me while I'm wearing a dress, holding balloons and sort of running in the middle of a street, preferably in UP. 
  27. I am so in love with music, I couldn't live without it. 
  28. I barely get mad but when I do, beware. 
  29. I'm planning to take my parents abroad next year so we can experience snow together, hmmm, maybe Korea? 
  30. I've never rode a carabao before, and I want to. 

Day 5- End

A day you thought about ending your own life.

That one time was when I knew about my dad's infidelity and his dark secrets that permanently ruined our relationship.

That was the day he tried to end his life, too.

Day 4- Religion

Your view on religion 

I remember that day in college when one of my guy friends who belong to a different church cornered me before break time, telling me to believe in what he believes.

I cried, not because of fear but because of hatred and disgust of being told what to believe in. I don't hate his religion or any religion, I just know that I am entitled to my own belief and opinion.

And just to let him know if he's probably reading this, I don't have any problems with other religions because I firmly believe that we may have different churches, traditions and cultures, and we may have different names for  the One Above, but I know that we believe, trust and love only one God.

Day 3- Drugs and Alcohol

Your view on drugs and alcohol 

I don't hate both, drugs and alcohol. I've never tried taking drugs though I admit I've thought of it once because of those "brownies" stories from friends who studied in another university. I am an occasional drinker, and sort of became a casual drinker when I was in college.

My point is, I don't judge people if they take drugs and alcohol, even if their are addicts and alcoholics. It's their life not mine. As I always say back then, I just hate the habit not the person or the vice, because I believe that drugs and alcohol could be harmful to some and could also be helpful.

Well, that would be all, thank you.

Day 2- 10 years

Where you'd like to be in 10 years

I only do short-term plans, and I sometimes even let my impulsive attitude take over because most of the good things that happened in my life were made possible by life's surprises or my sudden decisions.

But now that I've really given a chance to think about it, I'd probably want to be married by that time. And probably have a kid or two (a girl-boy twin maybe)  but I won't be living anywhere abroad. I'd still choose to live here, and pursue my dreams of being a broadcast journalist. Or maybe I could be in another country, take Paris for instance, but I'll be there for a vacation with my family.

Mind you, these aren't plans but dreams that could somehow help me visualize my future, or help me know that my life is going somewhere sensible and that I'm taking the path worth taking. But right now, life's been continually surprising me so I could never tell what the future holds.

But if ever I'll be too impulsive and get really crazy starting today, in ten years I'd be in a hospital....

single and busy but very, very happy because I'm following my dreams of being a pediatrician. /wrist

Day 1- Current Relationship

I'm itching to write a blog post but I practically don't know what to say or share, so I'm just going to do this 30-day meme which Jicky is already doing. I was supposed to start this on January 1st but but I still had too many things to share back then, so here it goes.

Day 1- Current Relationship 
Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

I'm single, and I've been single for five months already. I just came from a foolish relationship that I was too foolish to be in so I was extremely happy for the first months or so that I was finally free.

But I must admit that being back to single life has its up and downs as much as being in a relationship.

The ups may include having so much free time to be with friends and family, having the chance to have as many crushes as you want without anyone getting mad, having the time to travel and having the freedom to do, wear, say whatever you want, especially if you were with a guy who was too possessive and psycho. (Eherm guilty) Downs may include lonely nights, not being able to watch movies or go to places because no one that you know is free or wants to go, no one to share things and moments with, no one to cuddle during cold nights especially during these months and no one to share that great love you have deep within. Yes, cheesy but true.

I must admit I miss being in a relationship but I don't want to waste my feelings and my life with someone who I shouldn't be with anymore just like my last relationship. I don't want to mess up my life and someone else's so right now, I choose not to like someone first seriously unless I really feel that my heart and mind unites with the decision that I should be with that someone.

Bottomline is, I don't want to hurt anyone and I don't want to get hurt again unless the pain is so worth it.


        2010 is ironically the worst and best year for me. I wasn't able to fulfill my college goals, got my heart so broken and fooled, still had some family issues and more friends went abroad. I also did a lot of mistakes and I almost lost myself in the process of trying out new things and figuring out who I really am. But the grandest things happened and took me by surprise like my dad being a good man again which made my mom so happy, graduating and getting a job in GMA, my brothers being awesome at work and in the seminary, keeping old people in my life and welcoming new ones. And these things that happened and people surrounding me made me realize that I don't have to be someone else to be happy. I just have to at best at being me. (Did I make sense?) 

And I know this blog post is not enough to express my gratitude for these people who gave meaning and purpose not just to my 2010 but to my entire life. I'm thankful to God that he made me realize that not everyone leaves; there are actually these people who would wholeheartedly stay in my life and I'm thankful that once I've known them. I really hope they would continue to shine on my life.

Thank you 2010, now let's not just count the days of 2011 but make them count!

This is How We Roll!

The year, and of course holidays, that we all just bid farewell would not have been complete without having the chance to be with my two families- my biological family and of course, The Jeep!

Despite our conflicting schedules, we had an overnight party at Dharel's bachelor pad. Our outfit theme was TV or movie characters that we like. Three of us wanted to be Rachel Berry so I gave up and wore something else instead. We had potluck and everything we brought was delicious! We played our traditional games, Pinoy Henyo and Charades. Then we exchanged gifts, danced and just went crazy then some already had to leave while five of us stayed, then three of us left by afternoon the next day. The day seemed so short and I miss them every day! Now, have fun with the photos!


Ze potluck and as requested, I brought kagat :) 
From left to right: Cands and Lian as Rachel Berry, Angelique as Carrie Bradshaw, Sam as Hermione/ Serena, Yours truly  as Emma from Glee, Nachi as Annie from The Community and Cha as some doctor in Grey's Anatomy. 

And about Cha, she actually tried so hard to win the 500 pesos as prize for best costume that she had four. 

This was her first costume as I've said, 
Then she was Sidney Bristow from Alias,
Then as Jessica Alfaro (with us as the Vizconde family and Dharel as the NR Hubert Webb),
Then Some balikbayan from Dubai :)) 
But still, Sam Sauler won as Hermione Granger who got her wand from the forest nearby Dharel's pad.
But, she didn't get the prize because she was already too rich.
This was the time we were still calm...
And this was the part where we got so hyped and crazy :)) 
For the games, we were divided into two teams then we had Nachi and Tita Mon as our commissioners. 
Of course, my team won and we had strips of shampoo as prize c/o Cha...
who was from the losing team.
Nachi was my Secret Santa. It was funny because I went with her and Cha to Dharel's place only to know that Cha was her Secret Santa and then she was mine. Anyway, she got me one of the three books I've been eyeing the whole month: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. 
Then I was Karche's secret Santa. I got her a monochromatic girly bag from Bench that she could use in the office so she would remember me everyday. Much love huggie! 
Sadly, Karche, Anj, Cands and Cha had to leave. 
Then Lian, Mon, Sam, Nachi, Dharel and I spent the whole night, playing Tekken 6, eating, chatting, watching  Easy A ( WOODCHUCKS!! Nyar nyar nyar nyar nyar!) and....
laughing our asses off and trying to breathe as Dharel kept on shouting then spraying Bygon all over the place when a giant spider invaded his pad. 
Good night and good morning from Dharel's Angels! 
See you all soon on my, Dharel's and Sam's triple birthday celebration!
You've made 5 years of my life so happy!