It's been six months. :)

        6 months ago, I was just a Journalism fresh grad from the University of Santo Tomas. I've been a Kapamilya all my life but GMA opened their gates for me.

I was nervous and scared but Mam Queenie "gave birth" to me and Sir Ricky took me in his arms and made me part of the News on Q family. I started as news writer for their program on the 26th of April and I was the youngest in the whole newsroom at that time.

I was first introduced to ate Xien, a fellow Thomasian, then to Ate Ali and Kuya Rems. And then to the whole newsroom. I feared them, I found them intimidating but soon they became good, good friends. I went to EK with them and other writers for the GMA family day, we even had random karaoke moments and night outs. Oh, and Doi was also added to our family.  

   I was also lucky to have met such good friends from other department like Jeff, Stacy and Neil. 

In a span of six months, I was pretty lucky that I've been exposed to different events and circumstances.  I was just in time for the 2010 National and Barangay and SK Elections. 

It was my craziest day to date but I was so blessed to be part of it. I was also assigned to risky tasks like writing the Twitter Q and eventually Youscoop segment for our show. 

There were also heavenly opportunities that were given to me like writing for Unang Balita where I got the chance to be greated by Drew Arellano (see previous post). Through my friend Jeff, I also got the chance to have a photo taken with my ultimate crush Akihiro Sato!

     Those were the easy days but every day is actually both a privilege and a challenge. Writing for a news program isn't really an easy job to do. You have to be responsible with all the things you do. You have to write and think fast but still be aware of the things that you have to do. You have to be sure that what the public gets to know is the truth. It was really difficult at first; I've failed and stumbled at times but little by little, I strive to redeem myself and stand again. 

    Some people say that you only have yourself to rely on and I agree. But I believe that without the people who surround me; my family at home who believed me, my friends from other department and shows who brightened my days, and my News on Q family who continue to fill me with warmth, I wouldn't have made it this far. I am grateful for each and everyone of them who've made my journey easier or harder yet more fulfilling.

Thank you GMA News and Public affairs for this great opportunity to serve.
I am now a ceritified Kapuso, and I'll continue to chase my dreams in the coming years. 

The Jeep

I don't know why, but every time I talk to new people I always end up talking about you guys.

And when I'm alone, I just smile at the thought of you, of five years and counting of friendship that's getting stronger and better as each success, failure, sadness and joy in our clique passes

It sounds mushy I'm just so proud of you guys. We've all been through a lot but here we are, successful and happy.  And I feel so blessed because I have you.

And to you who's reading this, in case you didn't know...

We are The Jeep. And we're awesome. :)

P.S. Cara beybeh, the space beside Monica's for you. We miss you so much!


At times like these, all I wanna do is call your old local number, even if does not exist anymore, just so I can even have the slightest grasp that you're still out there somewhere, caring for me, feeling me, and telling me in your mind that everything's gonna be okay again.

Because up to now, it's still you could make all these go away.

Dream Week Last Week

This week was dream week. Each day I keep on dreaming of different people in my life and I’m pretty puzzled as to why I’m having these dreams.
Dream no.1
I dreamt that I was talking to Angelique who was very upset. I asked her why and she animatedly told me how she so was annoyed that Lian kept on calling her on the phone while she was making out with her boy. I then talked to Lian and she was sad that Jicky was mad at her for a reason like that.
I was laughing the moment I remembered this dream.
Dream no. 2
I couldn’t remember what happened in my dream but all I know is that Ephraim was the only person I recognized in it.
Dream no. 3
I was at a graduation, actually my own graduation. What was weird was that I was with my high school buddy Nicoz and instead of wearing gala uniforms that we wore on our high school grad, we were wearing black togas. It was a college graduation of different degrees. The next thing I knew, I was staring with disbelief as Jason, my first love, walked down the stage.
Dream no.4
I’m back in high school and I am about to perform a dance number with my dancing queen friends, Nadz, Karla, Raissa and the rest of my girl classmates. The judge was Madam Ponce, our funny tomboy P.E. teacher and the theme was-----sexy and scary. It was a program for Halloween. WEIRD.
Dream no. 5
I dreamt of Luigi, that certain guy I always seem to meet every time I went out when I was still in college. I think we are a couple in that dream because he hugged me tightly as he cried and told me he had a terminal disease.
I wonder what and who I would dream about tomorrow. And maybe, I miss these people that’s why my mind helps me be with them even just in my dreams.
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I brought “Love, Stargirl” at my morning shift today. I was feeling really anti-social so I just made myself busy with reading. I came across a part in the book that says C’est la vie or live today. I tried to inject it in my mind so that I could put it into practice. I don’t know why I feel sad when I think about the past and then think about the future and feel the same emotion. I keep on neglecting what today has to offer me.
During these kinds of days, it’s really hard to be happy. I am pretty lost in my emotions.
On a lighter note, Amber’s going back home soon. I have another reason to be happy.

Lovyiew, Drew

     As every Tuesdays and Thursdays, I would wake up at 2 in the morning, drag myself to eat, take a bath and get ready then off I go to write for Unang Balita.

But I never EVER imagined this morning would be VERY DIFFERENT. 

Well, yes, when I work during mornings, I get to see Drew Arellano and even get a sniff of him as he walks by, but this morning, I actually had the chance to stare at him. REALLY stare at him since I was done writing my scripts. 

Yes him--funny, witty, energetic, uber handsome Andrew Arellano. He was like a harmless drug I was getting addicted to so I had the urge to post this status on Facebook.

"Drew Arellano I could stare at you all my life." 

Then the rest just happened so fast.

Kuya Ken, one of our video editors, happened to see my status and *gulp* had Drew himself read my status message. I guess (hope) he was flattered that when Sir Dex, our director, asked him to greet me on national television, he willingly did it!  


And I just want to share the kilig and happiness to you all! So here's the video! I still can't stop smiling! :)