2011 was one hell of a rollercoaster ride but it has been one of the most awesome years of my life. And since I can't just put into words how grateful I am, here are the people and events in my life who made this year's every second worth remembering.

My first ever plane ride, and my first trip to Visayas. I went to Iloilo with ate Ali, Xien, Catha and Carla, the "alupihan girls" who made workdays happy and bearable.
The very first time special people besides my family waited for my birthday.
Sir Josh, Lian and I spent the first few hours of my birthday at GMA,eating ice cream and laughing.
I spent the remaining hours with workmates and Team Awesome  then I went to UST with my college friends to attend the Quadricentennial Celebration. 

And yes, a day was simply not enough so I still had a few more birthday celebrations with family, friends and new people in my life.  

By the end of February, I had to say goodbye to News on Q, and welcomed News To Go and On Call family in my life. But no matter what happens, NOQ and the people who were part of it who molded me will always hold a special spot in my life. 

Got the chance to explore some of the most beautiful places in our country. 
Last February, I travelled during wee hours of the morning with Ate Xien to go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga. 
By April, I went to Laiya, Batangas with Ate Xien, her mom and aunt, Ali, Catha and Carla. 
That same month, I was able to experience Boracay with Jicky, Lian and Cha. 

And then, the much awaited trip happened in May. My whole family and I went to Palawan with kuya Jovy as our companion and tour guide. Visited a lot of islands, explored the sand and sea and finally witnessed the beauty of the famous Puerto Prinsesa Underground River.
This was my happiest trip so far!

I also got watch a lot of concerts this year!

Saw The Script last April...
Then David Choi by June...
Westlife last September...

And then finally, the concert I've waited for all my life...

August came and I got one of God's greatest gifts. MY QRT family that I now cannot live without.
They are not just workmates but a family that I love more and more each day.
Ahhh, kickass work with pleasure!

Last October 25, I finally got my new friend, Steve Morgan. :)

And this year, I also got to bring my bestfriend Tin2dear and some of #TheJeep to Baguio!

There's a lot more that happened to me last year. Whether, good or bad, I'm thankful for everything because I surely learned a thing or two from all of it.

And now that I've turned 23 a few days ago, I can't wait to experience new things and have new memories with the same people and new ones that would possibly rock my 2012!

Thank you 2011, you've been so awesome.
Dear 2012, I'm so excited for you!

P.S. Birthday blog post soon!