He knows who I am. With just one look, he knows if I’m elated or sad. And when he looks deep within my eyes, he clearly sees right through me.

He’s aware as how simple life is for me. How a late night stroll around his school with him would make me happy and how losing my ID for even just a few hours could make me upset.

He loved me just as I am. Before all those makeup, parties, dresses and success, he was there with me.
He understands me more than I could ever understand myself.

He was always there through the best and worst times. No matter what happened, he was there for me, listening to me and caring for me.

He was always himself when he was with me. No pretensions or exaggerations, and I gladly fell for him for who he is, and will fall for him for whoever he will be.

He let me in his life. He trusted me with his heart and loved me when I almost though that he shut himself from love. He knew in his heart that I love him sincerely that’s why he let me love him just as I wanted and could.

For all these and for countless things I could never put into words, I love him.  

Working with Danger

At the strike of twelve or even earlier, our team leaves the newsroom everyday bringing our equipment, gadgets, and our fear and excitement for another episode waiting to unfold.

Yes, I'm one of the writers/producers sent out everyday for Jiggy Manicad's new program, GMA News TV Quick Response Team. We go out of our comfort zones everyday to help the best field reporter get the freshest and biggest news and serve it to our audience.

I admit working on remote isn't easy. My parents are a bit worried and my brother clearly disagrees with what I do.  I understand that he just really cares for me but I love what I'm doing.

I may have felt sick and tired, been squished or toasted alive but I'm happy. I'm grateful that I get to be with a team that is eager to learn and give our audience a great and exciting episode everyday. I'm grateful that I get to learn from them and from one of the best reporters in our country. And I'm very happy to be of service to people.

Yes I know, it's dangerous but I'm willing to take the risk because all the fear and excitement that I feel everyday feeds my hunger for adventure and fulfillment.

I'm ready to embrace this job and I hope God continues to give me the strength and will to survive everyday.


Once, I had a dog named Aqua.

I never really knew his breed or why he was given to me at a very young age. Now that I try to recall, he looked like this, a corgi.

He was small and his fur was flesh. He was handed to me while I was seated at the front seat of our school service. He sat beside me and we both just stared out the window. That was the first time we met. 

When we brought him home, we let him stay in the living room. And I sat on the floor while watching him. I was playing with my brother when suddenly, I felt him on my back... he was humping me!  I patted him, hugged him while I was laughing so hard. What a crazy, crazy dog!

He was the smallest among our dogs, but he would always win during fights. I remember the days when he would come home all bloody and when we'd check up on him, he doesn't have any wound. Turns out our maid saw him fighting with bigger dogs earlier and he ended up triumphant. My parents said he was just like me, small but terrible. 

And I could never forget and understand the days that I would stay at our garage whenever I have a problem and he would just sit there staring at me looking all worried. And whenever I come home, he would come running to me like as if he'd been waiting for me all day to show up.

Through the years, we've been through so much. I was the only person he feared and he was the only dog I took care of.

But one day, our maid let go of Aqua and he never got back to us. I was so traumatized when I lost him. About two years after he got out, I saw him outside our gate again, staring at me. His other eye was a bit dislocated as if someone tried to kill him but I was sure it was him.

I let him in our house again, he stayed for two days then left.

That's why when I watched Hachiko, I couldn't help but cry because he reminded me so much of Aqua. They may not have the same story but they were both faithful dogs.

And up to now, I cannot forget him because I didn't just lose a dog, I lost a good, good friend.

And if one day I'd luckily get a dog again, I'd love him as much as I did love Aqua.